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5 Things Models Do To Prepare For The Runway

runway-modelsFor most of us, watching a fashion show is not a big deal, we either turn on our television, or receive a guest pass to attend a fashion show with catering and royal treatment. For the designers and models though, this is an extremely stressful time. Obviously a fall is one of the worst things that can happen to a model, but for a designer, a piece of clothing being torn or showing improperly is one of the worst things that can affect their presentation.

We aren’t going to focus on those things for now. Instead we will focus on what models actually do to get themselves prepared for the runway. Below is the 7 of the most popular things you will find models doing the week before the big walk.

  1. Stay as toned as possible with Pilates, Ballet, Aerobics and Yoga. No overextending of body parts that could get injured beforehand. Work with a trainer that knows your body well and can assess what it can handle just as well as you.
  2. Lots of rest between exercising. Sometimes an entire day for some models. The body needs high levels of rest so that injuries are less frequent and repair is much more rapid.
  3. Moisturizing the body daily and in some cases use a microdermabrasion abrasion machine to treat spot areas that require super fast healing in a short period of time.
  4. Eating lots of protein such as fish and seafood and consuming protein shakes. Staying away from fat as much as possible and sticking with leaner meats and hearty lentils.
  5. Long periods of sleep with no interruption so eyes and face do not show any signs of exhaustion or fatigue. In most cases 8 hours per night is enough, but some models will sleep as long as 10 hours sometimes.

The runway can be a tough place for models, but it is also where they shine their brightest and pick up new gigs through scouts, so it is extremely important for them to have fresh looking skin, a clean face, and a vibrant look and feel to reflect the clothing they wear.

Our Favorite RTW Fashion of 2015

There have been so many great fashion shows this year, and we wanted to list some of the events we look forward to attending, or have already attended by some amazing designers.

  • Brandon Sun – Shall I say fur with a crisp feel. Yes I will.
  • Alessandra Rich – Always giving us a feel of darkness in her designs.
  • A.W.A.K.E. – Feeling very Star Wars. Really enjoying the 70’s styles.
  • Mother of Pearl – Welcome to the Fashion world. Recently had their first show.
  • Versace – As always leading the pack.
  • Vera Wang – Who doesn’t love her shows?
  • Victoria Beckham – Really loving her sleek designs!Tommy Hilfiger – Still creating some great stuff.
  • Thomas Tait – Was blown away by some of these designs this year.

There are many more I plan on adding to this list, so just watch this post in the near future for more goodies!